When you think of foot injuries, you probably think of walking and running-related sports injuries. The truth is that you can also have foot injuries from yoga. If you have started feeling pain in your feet, there are ways to reduce that foot pain and possible injuries related to it. Here are a few of those methods and what you need to know about each one. These methods can be used in most yoga practices, including hot yoga.

Stretch Your Feet

Before many sports activities, you are told to stretch your muscles. This includes a stretching routine that prepares your legs, arms and joints. This is no different when it comes to yoga. Before your yoga practice, stretch your feet and arches. Work your toes and massage your whole foot. This will help to reduce foot pain and strain and help to increase the blood flow to the area. This can help reduce the chances of pulled muscles or cramps during your yoga practice as well. 

Yoga Socks

One of the accessories you may see for your yoga practice is yoga socks. These socks have a no-slip strip or raised coating on the bottom. They also fit your feet like gloves, meaning they separate toes just as gloves separate fingers. This keeps your toes spread during your yoga practice. These socks can help by keeping your foot from drawing up and causing foot pain and cramping during the yoga session. The socks can also help reduce the chances of blisters from your toes rubbing against each other during the session. 

Notice Pain

One of the leading issues with foot pain during yoga is not noticing when you are in pain. You may notice the pain, but you may also decide to work through it. Instead of working through it, notice the pain and listen to it. Try to move your position and see if the pain stops. If that does not work, stop for a time and see if the pain stops. If it does not stop, seek medical attention to ensure you have not caused major damage to the foot or foot muscles. 

If you try these methods and still experience pain, then visit your podiatrist. They can give you an exam to determine what other factors may be involved in your foot pain. They can also help you with methods that may be work to help you reduce further pain in the future.